Day 11 of 31 Days of Self-Love

So, even though I’m not posting regularly about my self-love journey, I am actually doing it. Life’s been a little up and down, and sitting down to do these require a little bit of energy that I have a difficulty sitting down to do this.

Today’s prompt is:

I honestly can’t really think of a serious kind description of myself for yet.

There are things I like about myself, but to tell a stranger about them feels vain. If I described myself to a stranger it would be objective. I’m just not ready yet. This is yet another thing, I need to work on. The self-loathing runs pretty deep.

How about you? How would you describe yourself, in a loving way, to a stranger? I’m probably a stranger to you. Describe yourself to me.

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  1. *ponders and feel through what Meddie said about describing yourself to a stranger in a loving way feels vain and ‘offers pats for your own feelings toward thyself!

    *feels/thinks through your invitation to describe moiself to you in a loving way…
    (don’t think the usual introduction is that loving enough since those are details, bit of information, that moi would moiself to let others know… but to talk about moseilf in a loving way… oooooo…. *thinks/feels….

    *feeling that moi answer will not be pinned down to several sentences, one moment, one post…
    ‘would like to be able to do this exercise in the course of a lifetime? maybe with a lot of typed words in moi every post, or maybe with every weak support to give to you when you and your comrades need SOLIDARIDAD…?

    *hopin’ this answer is enough for now! ‘hoping to introduce moiself to you in a loving way every time we meet in these spaces…? ^^


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