When Politics Justify Violence

I am not a pacifist, but I’m not a violent thug either. I fall somewhere in between. A centrist of violence, you can say. I believe that we should never attack people for their beliefs unless those beliefs in and of themselves are inherently violent. Fascism is inherently violent. And the liberal media loves to paint any physical violence as barbaric to give themselves brownie points for being morally above reproach, but to us peasants, we can’t afford that. To us poorer folks with many intersections of marginalization, we can’t let ideology that hurt us spread.

Antifascism is the antithesis to fascism. You can disagree with one’s methods of combating fascism, but to oppose the idea of antifascists organization against fascists is to practice fascistic apologia and to align yourself with the fascists. Fascism is inherently harmful. Even the most “peaceful” fascist will aid the “more” violent of their kind with their silence. While I personally do not participate in violence against fascists, I support violence against fascists and those who practice fascistic apologia or sympathies. This being said, I don’t think that physical violence is acceptable in all cases.

In the case of Andy Ngo, whom I know little about other than he definitely practices fascistic apologia and sympathies, I believe that the throwing of eggs, milkshakes, and silly string is effective violence. It results in humiliation and the desired effect of discouraging him from provoking antifa to enact violence against him. From my understanding, Ngo is an inciter. His desired outcome is for violence against him so that he can weaken the optics of antifa and push the liberal media to further demonize all such “radical” organization.

I condemn the action of assaulting him, only in that it furthers his goals, but had be been caught in his incitement, and the violence used against him could be justified for all to see that would be a different deal.

However, Ngo has won this exchange with antifa and the media got the juicy story that it always demands. I believe that the most effective political violence against Ngo was just the milkshakes, eggs, and silly strings. But I think it’s perfectly justified in doing political violence against him.

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