Day 1 of 31 Days of Self Love

My greatest struggle in loving myself is my hatred for myself. I feel broken, helpless, and voiceless most of the time. I’m easily discouraged when I fail at something or when something doesn’t work out. I often self-sabotage by either procrastinating or trying to do too much. I’m always beating myself up. Though I’ve not been a perfectionist since I was in high school, there’s still this critic inside my head that points out every flaw in my character, all my mental health issues, and all the things that people don’t like that I am.

I struggle with seeing myself as a human being often. When I manage that, I doubt my appearance and my ability to be lovable and attractive.

The way I can try to better love myself, is probably by reaffirming to myself that I’m a person deserving to be loved. I think it’s best I continue writing and making videos, and set aside time to finally write a novel like I’ve always wanted. I should definitely stop giving myself too many responsibilities and too little credit.

These are the ways I’ll love myself better. I hope you can try to love yourself better too.

1 Comment

  1. *thanks Medie for starting your Days of Self-Love essays! ‘will start reading one entry per day!
    ‘really could relate to what you said there about having a critic inside our heads…
    ‘will remember that moi is also a person deserving to be loved: that it’s OK not to overexert moiself and it’s not wrong to feel proud of what is doing!
    ‘will take your lessons and let moiself hear them as well! all the best to your novel and your own journey!


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