H.R.40 Will Not Work

So, H.R. 40 is a bill that was introduced to congress this past January. This bill’s name references the promise of reparations by the U.S. government to give black people 40 acres and a mule. Though the bill itself isn’t actual reparations, but to create a committee that will spend a few years studying a national apology for the institution of slavery as well as what would remedy the side effects of slavery, black oppression and continued subjugation.

I’ve skimmed the bill and find that it’s just a liberal attempt to put a band-aid on the infected wound. I find that a committee of people would who are liberal in their thinking will ever come up with appropriate reparations to make whole the black community. Liberals, much like conservatives, think only with their wallets. They are capitalists and cannot think outside of the system they seek to reform. They are unaware or purposely ignoring the fact that slavery was born of capitalists’ need for cheap labor and sustained through profitability of slave labor.

We see this now in the prison system. It’s profitable to cage a person, dehumanize them, and put them to work. That’s the way of the so-called natural hierarchy provided to us by capitalism.

Besides, most black people possess some awareness if not total knowledge of what would be proper reparations. Reparations, true reparations will come with the abolition of oppressive systems that were engineered by the racist systems installed in society when the Europeans arrived and their descendants fancied themselves superior to the indigenous peoples who were already living in America and later the African slaves and their descendants. The abolition of capitalism through gradual but rapid change is the only reparation that will be come close to making the black community whole. These changes would start with eliminating redlining, which is still going on today, reduce policing in black neighborhoods, and release nonviolent criminals from prison and provide them counseling to reintegrate with their community in a positive manner.

The black community doesn’t need handouts from the government. What we need is for the government to take its boot off our neck.

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