My Personal Manifesto

Leftist Unity is a myth and solidarity is a joke that we tell each other to keep the myth alive. I say this because I’ve watched leftist spaces for a while before I started producing content not long ago, and holy hell do we tear each other apart.
We are the self-proclaimed free-thinkers, justice and truth seekers who want to bring about socialism and communism. The problem with this is that to have this you must have community.

The Right has the advantage of following scripts and sharing traditions and values. When they tear each other apart, it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day, their enemy is the Leftist who oppose them and they will unite against us regardless.
We don’t have this. We’re a group of individuals with different morals, ethics, and ideas. All we got is an umbrella term and each other. We even have a group who hurt people with their rhetoric to unite against.

YET. We do not unite against them. We might attack them separately, but we don’t really organize. And the minute we feel that they’ve been put into submission, some of us decide to turn our attention to our own house.
Some of us, seeing no point or being unable to engage the Right, focus instead on either teaching the Left to practice what they preach or to police those who fail to perform good praxis.

I count myself among the former, and it hurts my heart to see so many of the latter. Because we don’t need police. We see how they fail us on a massive scale, YET we have these individuals among us who dare to police others out of our spaces.

It true that we as a community should try to keep each other safe, but what of our values? Our ideals? Our principles? What of solidarity? Solidarity doesn’t stop because your comrade did a shitty thing!

Are we wardens now? Is leftism a prison in which only true leftists are allowed to lord their ethical perfection over us who slip up and stumble and make mistakes? Are we to be exiled with not chance to return?

Are we to be mocked into changing our behavior to suit your ideal of the true leftist? When you ultimately stumble because you’re human too, should we treat you as you treated us?

I say no. I say no to all of this! This is bullying, plain and simple. I am my sisters’ and brothers’ confidante. When they stumble, I hold them accountable and encourage them to change.

When they do the unthinkable and hurt others in a way that makes me want to turn my face away from them, I hold them accountable and I beg them to change! I DEMAND them to change for their sake and the sake of those they hurt.

I refuse to think of people as things to be discarded, problems to be resolved. We’re leftists dammit! We already hold the moral high ground against the bigots and the nazis. We don’t need to be any higher than where we are which is on the earth.

We need love, friendship, understanding, self-discipline, and above all introspection. We are free thinkers who will disagree. The difference between us and the people we fight to help everyone, is that we’re supposed to have room for discussion.

We’re supposed to come to each other with open minds and open hearts, because we’re not trying to hurt one another. We’ve been abused by an oppressive system that has dehumanized and belittled us.

It taught us not to see each other as people, but as competitors for work, for food, for life. We’ve been taught that when others hurt us that we either hurt them back or ignore them. Write them off! They can’t be changed! They can’t be helped!

But that’s not true, because we’re fighting for a better world. One where ALL people are treated with dignity and respect! One where we’ll no longer use slurs against each other or to mock each other. They’ll just be old words from an old world.

We’re fighting for a world where the struggles of those before will be honored by the happy lives of those who come after. We cannot achieve this by writing people off, mocking them into your corner or out of the space, or just excommunicating them from the community.

We need praxis! We need to reform not only others, but ourselves. We need introspection. We need to always be aware of how capitalism has sank its claws deep within our very identities. We need to fight the capitalism within and without.

I love you all. I want to understand you all as much as I’m capable. I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve because capitalism doesn’t want me to. I’ll be human and treat you as a human because capitalism demands we not do so.

This is my rebellion! This is the stand I’ll make here and now. I will endeavor to live my ideals and principles. I will make mistakes and I expect you to hold me accountable encourage my growth as an individual.

I’ll tell you when you hurt me, and you tell me when I hurt you. We’ll cry together and we’ll get angry at each other. We’ll share in each other’s pain and triumph.

This is my personal manifesto. Take it or leave it as you will. Again, I love you, whoever you are. I see you and I hope you see me. I hope to see you in a better place and I hope to stand beside there. Peace, love, and unity, Comrades.


  1. *nods along Medea Wray’s call for a way out of simplistic callouts and a way into sharing each other’s trauma and pain and abuse despite the possibility and the reality of us hurting each other because of our own individual failings and the harmful trapping we find ourselves under multiple systems of oppression!
    *mingles with your spirit of HOPE in your personal manifesto!
    *sharing this article from Andrea Castro who i feel feels the same way in regards with waiting for each as we fight, resist, and build spaces and crevices of freedom accessible to all!
    ooooo dear Medea, would… would it be too much to ask you a favor? *teleports first to your YT channel and SUPPORTS you quietly without hopefully making much of a ruckus in your TimidTalk space!
    ‘been waiting for mai mic to arrive (‘had to ask for a loan from my parents and a comrade) so that i could start orally reading articles that i feel could help encourage and INSPIRE peeps and also start translating anarchist texts into Tagalog/Filipino so as to help out in propagating anti-authoritarian, anticapitalist waves in the Philippines in the near future?
    it would be an HONOR if you consider lending your VOCAL JUSTICE for dear Ursula K. Le Guin’s quotes in this article?
    ‘am looking for a kind SOUL to read Le Guin’s quotes in this piece while moi attempts in read dear Margaret Killjoy’s eulogy aloud!
    sorry for not having anything WORTHY in mai YT channel at the moment!
    ‘am working on several English-to-Tagalog translations (Killjoy’s sendoff to Le Guin + David Graeber’s “Are You An Anarchist?”) and it’s taking a bit of time… ‘need to control the pace so that i don’t explode under pressure from current wage-slave-teaching-situation!
    sorry for this really ODD request for your help and for the loooooong message!
    but after hearing you talk and share your views @Medea Wray YT, ‘really really FEELIN’ you might be able to imbue your own sense of FREEDOM into Le Guin’s words!
    ‘hoping to hear from you? and may i stand with YOU in your call to many WAYS to forgiveness, forging of bonds, and fierceness in fighting the POWERS from within and without!


    1. Thank you for the offer, but at the moment I’m not really sure that I’ll be able to do it. I’m trying to create my own content at present and struggling with my health at the moment. Best wishes to you and your endeavors, Friend.


      1. oh it’s all right, dear! *sends HEALING WAVES and SOLIDARITY VIBES as weak support to you!
        sorry for BURDENING you with this big request!
        thanks for responding, Medea, and ‘hope you’d be able to find your way and ways and the rays of sunshine to give you ENERGI!
        all the best, dear, and ‘hope you heal and feel better and get LOVE from your other friends and comrades, Friend and Comrade!

        ‘will try to ask other peeps for help… maybe Bemundolack,,, or Gwen_No_Fear?

        *tries to send more SUPPORT your way via a poem from Ursula’s”Always Coming Home” as a LIGHT in your praxis!

        -Written on a white plaster wall in the workroom of the Oak Society in Telina-na-

        What do they do,
        the singers, tale-writers, dancers, painters, shapers, makers?
        They go there with empty hands,
        into the gap between.
        They come back with things in their hands.
        They go silent and come back with words, with tunes.
        They go into confusion and come back with patterns.
        They go limping and weeping, ugly and frightened,
        and come back with the wings of the redwing hawk,
        the eyes of the mountain lion.

        That is where they live.
        where they get their breath:
        there, in the gap between,
        the empty place.

        Where do the mysterious artists live?
        There, in the gap between.
        Their hands are the hinge,
        No one else can breathe there
        They are beyond praise.

        The ordinary artists
        use patience, passion, skill, work
        and returning to work, judgment,
        proportion, intellect, purpose,
        indifference, obstinacy, delight in tools,
        delight, and with these as their way
        they approach the gap, the hub,
        approaching in circles, in gyres,
        like the buzzard, looking down, watching,
        like the coyote, watching.

        They look to the center,
        they turn on the center,
        they describe the center,
        though they cannot live there.
        They deserve praise.

        There are people who call themselves artists
        who compete with each other for praise.
        They think the center
        is a stuffed gut,
        and that shitting is working.
        They are what the buzzard and the coyote
        ate for breakfast yesterday.


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