Psychics and Politicians

Merry meet y’all~ Let’s talk about psychics. Psychic, for the uninitiated individuals are people who possess extrasensory perception (ESP) which allows them to see hidden phenomena such as ghosts, faeries, and other supernatural beings. The term also extends to individuals who see the future, manipulate objects with their minds, and traverse other planes with astral projection. On TV, these people are capable of talking to deceased loved ones and finding missing loved ones.

Psychic, unfortunately, aren’t at all like this. Most psychics aren’t aware they’re psychics. Most psychics that claim to be psychics do so for money, attention, and/or fame (which is ok in some cases). Most psychic that are able to do all the things I listed above are fictional characters. Real psychics are far more interesting, and I know this because I am a psychic. So, allow me to tell you the real secret life of psychics.

1.)We cannot tell you the future.

This is a very popular misconception. We can however, tell you a strong possibility that’s likely to occur in your future. Think of how a meteorologist takes information from a doppler radar and makes educated inferences about what the weather is going to be like. Psychics are supernatural meteorologists. The powers that be give us guidance through divination tools or dreams/visions, but they are not always clear or even correct because much like the weather, conditions change. For example, if you get a reading about how you’re going to pass a test, so you don’t worry about it and choose not to study for it, you’re likely going to fail that test because the conditions from the reading have changed. In my experience the future is in constant flux. Rarely, is anything fated to happen.

2.) We cannot communicate with your loved ones

At least, not in the same way you talk to a person in most cases. Some psychics can talk to the dead in dreams and have interesting conversations from my understanding, but in my experience, the dead don’t often speak in ways the living can understand. The clearest way to communicate with the dead is via ouija boards and I highly don’t recommend that because it’s the equivalent of making your supernatural Facebook page to public with your address, phone number and family members there for all of the supernatural internet to see. I mean sure, your loved one might respond, but a fake account might also respond.

3.) We cannot find missing people

We can find a lot of supernatural and mundane things using our powers, but the chances that we’ll find some individual that we don’t know or have strong connections with is impossible. Though the supernatural falls outside the boundaries of conventional understanding, there is a method to this madness. There are unknown rules that you learn through your experiences. In my experiences, you can only ever really find other living people using your abilities, if you know them and even then it’s mostly just knowing that person going to a place they would likely be at and trying to sense their familiar presence.

4.) Trust no psychic who makes absolute promises

Much like a politician, a psychic who promises to always be right or emphasizes how much you need them and their help, is trying to sell you something you don’t need. That being said, it can be fun to hire these “psychics” for entertainment, unlike politicians, but overall be skeptic of someone offering you something that’s too good to be true.

The Takeaway

Psychics are mysterious people connected to the supernatural in subtle ways. Their work of divining or speaking to spirits is real, just not in any way that can be easily monetized without lying. Never trust a psychic who wants to help you contact a dead loved one or find a missing person or solve a cold case, they’re like politicians trying to get attention and money. But do see a psychic. Pay them for their work. If you want to know about the possibilities that lie ahead of you, seek one out. Preferably your local psychics and not one of those expensive psychic hotlines. Take their readings and foretellings with an ounce of reason, and pay them for their work.

Merry part~

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