Update 3-15-19

Good day to you, Friends. I have super important updates for you this morning~

I noticed that other content creators have a schedule to tell people when they post stuff and I thought it’d be important to have one. And I made one too, but then I remembered that my personal calendar doesn’t let anyone know when I personally post. So, this is what I’m doing now.

Blog Update

The regular posting schedule for this blog is Friday at noon or 5 pm CST. On days like this one, when I post an update there will usually be another blog post going up to provide you with content. In addition to these regular posts, I will also post poetry and short stories here albeit more sporadically. Plus, I’ll be posting videos from my YouTube channel here as well as announcing special events for Twitch channel.

YouTube/Twitch Channel Update

For my YouTube channel, a new episode of my podcast TimidTalk will be posted every other week on Tuesdays at 8 am CST. Although, this week’s episode will be premiering tomorrow night at 7 pm CST. In addition, to this podcast, I’ll post one video essay at the end of every month. This month’s video should be expected around next Friday. As for Twitch, I’ll be streaming regularly every Saturday. I think I’ll forgo God Eater this month to focus on less story oriented games at the moment.

Support Me

Running this blog and making videos is work, and with a 40 hour clerical job it’s doubly taxing. While you don’t have to pay me a cent to enjoy my content, I’d appreciate your support and any donations you could spare. So, I’ve set a Patreon so that you can support me via a monthly subscription and a Ko-fi page for a one time payment! Thanks for reading this and reading my other stuff and I hope that you’ll continue to support me in whatever way you see fit.

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