Spring Equinox Hype

Merry meet friends~ Are you ready for the spring equinox? I sure am, because spring is the season of birth and renewal. In nature this is the time most fauna and flora wake from hibernation and bloom/mature. It’s a season of growth and manifestation. If there’s anything that you want, now is the time to sow the seeds.

Want some friends? Start being more friendly and considerate while calling on the powers that be to repel those that would be less than friendly. Want more cash? Create a budget, search for a higher paying job, and make some money oil to invite good fortune in matters of money and join the fight to topple the capitalist system that keeps us all oppressed! Want to find a lover? Work on loving yourself, being more compassionate and empathetic, and perform a love spell.

It just so happens that the Spring Equinox falls on March 20, 2019 which will have a very full moon that night. In my experience, full moons are great for charging energies and casting manifesting spells. Personally, I’ll be holding a short ritual to invite more positive energies in my life while deflecting negativity. For me, that means prayer, spell-work, and feasting~

So, yeah! I’m super excited for the Spring Equinox~ I hope you will enjoy your spring equinox and may your season be fruitful and joyous! Merry part, friends~

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