An Abridged Examination: Solidarity

Hello Friends. It’s ya girl, Medussa. I’m here to rant a little about what solidarity is, because it feels like everyone, myself included, doesn’t know what solidarity is. So, in preparation for this, I did a little research for this post by looking up solidarity and its origins, but I don’t wanna go into that, because that’s all intellectual talk about what it was originally intended to be and how it evolved (or devolved depending on your view). I wanna talk about what solidarity means in its present political incarnation and how we can try to promote it in our own communities.

So, solidarity is social cohesion due to a mutual bond formed through similarities that individuals share with one another usually through their struggle under an oppressive system or shared hardship. For example, a family that supports and cares for each other is showing solidarity for the family unit. Another example is a group of workers organizing a union to support each other as well as themselves. That being said solidarity doesn’t mean that you uphold each other in your wrongdoing. If a member of you family does something wrong, it would not be against the family’s solidarity to let that family member face the consequences of their actions. It would however, be against solidarity to leave member to face those consequences alone. Keep in mind that I simply mean that you support the individual and not suffer with them.

Solidarity isn’t banding together with like-minded individuals and protecting each other regardless of what each other does. It is banding together to support one another so that all can thrive and flourish in the community, and if someone within the community has done something wrong, they must be held accountable, but not left behind. After, they’re people too, and people aren’t disposable.

Thank you for reading my little rant. I hope you have a lovely day. Please, be kind to each other and let’s show some solidarity for our fellow humans.

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