Love Spells and Valentine’s Day

Hail and welcome friends! Valentine’s Day is two days away and I’m sure that many of you are looking for a way to ensure that this Valentine’s day is going to be super special. Well, I’m not offering that. If you were hoping that a love spell would help you find a date for Valentine’s Day or make your significant other propose, that’s not gonna happen. Spells, much like prayers require time to work, and while some spells carry more weight than others, there’s no spell that could possibly get you these desired outcomes without having some type of negative consequence.  

For those of you who aren’t witches, it’s important to understand that witchcraft is not a precise art. It relies heavily on observation, intuition, and knowledge. Spells, much like prayer, takes time to manifest, but, unlike prayer, doesn’t necessarily call upon a deity to provide for you. Typically, when praying to a deity, there’s an assumption that the deity knows your heart, so you simply ask for what you need. In witchcraft, the assumption is that the deity may or may not know your heart but will give you what you asked for. In cases where one has no deity in mind at all, you’re leaving your desires up to any power that decides to answer. 

So before casting any type of love spell, it’s important to first consider what it is that you specifically want and whether you’re prepared for what comes your way. After all, it is possible to cast a love spell that with draw a lover to you within 24 hours. There are spells powerful enough, but in cases where a spell boasts initial such immense initial power, it usually won’t sustain for long. This often means that you’ll have a very spicy Valentine’s Day, but the relationship will likely leave you with a sour aftertaste. These spells will often temporarily endow the enchanted person with these qualities before their true colors show. 

That’s why, for such love spells it’s good to give a weaker yet more specific love spell a minimum of two weeks, in my experience, to manifest. But spells don’t secure you a date or a lifelong partner, you do. So, remember that if you’re casting a spell, to also make steps towards being able to find this person or be available for this person. Spells aren’t magic in the sense of making something from nothing. Something must be provided, measures must be taken. 

So, for this Valentine’s Day, I suggest you cast a love spell on yourself. The intent can vary for you, but instead of trying to change the wills of others, why not empower yourself with a charm of love? Why not charm yourself to be a magnet for kinder and more loving hearts? Hell, maybe even cast a spell to make you love yourself more. This, is far more rewarding than a love spell to get someone else. So, share with you a love spell I did a long time ago when I was a Christian Witch. 

You’re going to need a burn proof/resistant bowl, three candles (one required), a small sheet of paper, and something to write with. You will need additional things, but I’ll explain that as it comes. Firstly, it’s important to purify yourself and the space that you will be using for this spell. You can do this a variety of ways, but the way I did it was to take a warm bath with blessed soap (soap that’s been blessed and used only for purification purposes). After purifying myself, I’d burn sandalwood incense and go around the space clearing it of negative energies with the strong-smelling smoke. I recommend for a love spell to burn strawberry or cherry incense in addition to sandalwood as a means of encouraging sensual energy, but if those aren’t sensual smells to you, choose incense that do that for you. 

With you and the space purified, you can get to work. The tools that I listed previously should be on a flat sturdy surface. The candles must be grouped reasonable together and the bowl sitting in front of them. With a pen or pencil, write: “I [My Name] call the powers that be to bring to my midst…” And after that list the characteristics that you would like to attract in others, but if this is a love spell to change your own heart you would write something closer to: “I [My Name] call the powers that be to endow me with…”  Then, just list the traits you wish to have or love about yourself. You don’t have to use the exact phrasing I have here, but you do need to be specific, regardless of whether you’re addressing deities or the universe.  

Once, you’ve written everything you’ve wanted, you then hold the paper to your heart or head and think about all that you’ve written into the paper and speak “My will be so.” Light the candles and set the paper on fire by the flame that most symbolizes your strongest desire in the spell. Be careful not to burn yourself and put the paper in the bowl. Now, you must wait for the paper to burn completely to ash and the spell is done. Remember to dispose of the ashes outside so that the wind can carry out your will and to blow out the candles as to not accidentally light your house on fire. 

Have a fun and safe Valentine’s Day, friends. And remember that magic is supplemental not absolute. Merry part. And merry meet again~ 

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