The Return of the Witch

I’ve been a practicing Eclectic Witch for 5 years now, and have only be actively been practicing for 3 of them. For the past 2 years, I’ve been dealing with a lot of physical and mental stress that has left me incapable of really addressing my spiritual deficit. Though I would provide a prayer or two to my patron gods, I’d been unable to meditate and truly feel basked in their presence. I hadn’t really done any ritual work since… Gosh! I think the last time was the solar eclipse and that was in 2017.

I was part of an interfaith church and I’ve not been active there in a long while. I have been disconnected from all things spiritual and it shows. Heck, I can’t even hear the voice of my tarot deck anymore, and she’s a chatty busybody! And while I’ll admit that it’s left a part of me feeling a bit empty and chaotic, I think that it was necessary at the time. Faith, even positive faith, takes energy. Even a prayer takes energy, but the amount it takes isn’t so taxing. Communicating with the divine, isn’t a big to-do. It’s as simple as a quick chat, but doing magical works is.

Sometimes, one just needs a break from practice. This being said, I never stopped being a witch just because I wasn’t actively practicing. Sometimes, spiritual hibernation is good for the spirit. (Though, I overslept and feel awful for it). It allows me to understand the nature of my spiritual limits and the grace provided to me by my divine patrons. My relationship with my patrons is intimately casual. I don’t have to tell them how great they are often and they don’t expect it of me. They look my way every once in a while, and give me a little favor. Other times, they laugh at me while I’m messing up my own life, but this relationship works for me and I’m fine with praying to relatable deities.

But now I feel inclined to get back into my practice, and so I shall.

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